Starting this fall, the Amazon Appstore will be pre-loaded on BlackBerry® 10.3 devices. The great news is that Amazon supports HTML5 apps! Access BlackBerry customers and more by getting your HTML5 app into the Amazon Appstore. And, you’ll enjoy new opportunities for success:

  • 500,000 free mobile ad impressions with Appstore Developer Select
  • Amazon Coins incentives to reward customers and improve conversion
  • The opportunity to participate in Amazon’s Free App of the Day promotion

BlackBerry claims that 75% of these apps already work with little to no modifications so developers out there looking to target and even larger userbase while still supporting BlackBerry 10 may do well to bring those applications into the Amazon Appstore in preparation for the 10.3+ release later this year.

Check back on some of the web-series to find out more

BlackBerry and Amazon are committed to providing support to help HTML5 developers migrate their apps to the Amazon Appstore.

  • Register for the Amazon Developer Program
  • 75% of your apps we tested work. Test your app now
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