Officials in Pakistan have orders all wireless service providers in the country to shut down BlackBerry Enterprise Services due to security concerns. The proposed end of BES in the Middle Eastern country is scheduled for December, but it’s already raising many eyebrows worldwide over it’s real purpose.

“PTA has issued directions to local mobile phone operators to close BlackBerry Enterprise Services from Nov. 30 on security reasons,” an official with the PakistanTelecommunications Authority said according to Reuters.

These so-called “security reasons” do not mean BlackBerry Enterprise Services are not secure enough for Pakistan. It’s actually the complete opposite. In their original report of this story, The Wall Street Journal cited Privacy International, a U.K.-based rights charity, that said earlier this month that “Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have ramped up electronic surveillance in recent years.” This surveillance is a necessity, according to the local government, to counter violence and terrorism, but many believed it is simply being used as a way to monitor citizens’ private lives as much as possible.

BlackBerry Enterprise Services are about as completely secure as you can get, so naturally this part of BlackBerry’s efforts in the nation were going to be targeted. Specially when you consider it is normally the biggest and most influential companies that can afford these services.

While BlackBerry has declined to comment on the ban specifically, a BlackBerry spokeswoman said in an emailed statement to the WSJ: “While we recognize the need to cooperate with lawful government investigative requests of criminal activity, we have never permitted wholesale access to our BES servers.”

Source :

WSJ, Reuters