If Your BlackBerry device is showing:

Error 505/507:

How to solve?

Re-install Your OS using Desktop Manager or using our solution “When device is not detedted by PC”

Device Error 350
Device Error 352
Device Error 353
Device Error 354
Device Error 355
Device Error 356
Device Error 357
Device Error 358
Device Error 359


Error of some third-party installed app

How to solve?

1) Hard reset Your device (wipe)
2. Run Desktop Manager -> Application Loader and reinstall Your OS with checking “Remove all installed apps”

Java Error 102
You have installed incompatible app.

How to solve?
Conntect to PC using USB cable and using Application Loader from Desktop Manager remove recently installed apps.

App Error 200

How to solve?
Re-install OS using method when the device is not detected by computer.


Device Errors

300 User requested halt
302 Display failure message directly to user
305 needed by eLTRON to go into catfail screen
306 Exit from exception failed
307 Incorrect password entered in communication with PC. Device Wiped
310 Generic unrecoverable hardware failure
316 This device belongs in the trash
317 The HWV table is corrupt.
318 The HW RTC and/or slow clock has stopped running
320 Fatal exit failure detected by AMX
321 Fatal exception error detected by AMX
331 Failure related to app task switcher
332 Out of free pool messages
334 System Thread called blocking send
337 Bad mode before entry
338 Unknown or Bad Secure SWI called
339 Can’t create Thread!
340 Heap is corrupted.
341 Attempt to free screwed up memory
342 Stack Overflow
344 Catastrophic Fail Called Twice
345 App heap too small
346 TTP DefAsssert went off (if in developer mode)
347 TTP DevCheck went off (if in developer mode)
348 Qualcomm’s ERR_FATAL error
349 TTP DevFail error
350 Software coding error
352 Bad address on call to erase
353 Bad address on call to write
360 Flash programming failed.
361 Flash erase failed.
362 Unsupported flash type
363 Unexpected flash size
364 Device’s band support is not set
365 OSStore or calsector address not initialized
366 OSStore’s magic key different from OS’s
367 Device contains higher OSStore major version
368 Device’s checksum different from computed value
369 OSStore’s IMEI does not match Patriot’s
372 Unsupported OS API call
373 Timers corrupted
395 App watchpuppy timeout
400 Early Watchdog — Device went 2+ seconds w/o watchdog kick
410 Some failure of the radio code.
420 Fatal exception error detected by REX
422 Critical Section violation
572 Function return not expected