BlackBerry is getting on the offensive as they begin bolstering their BlackBerry Fact Check Portal. A place where BlackBerry corrects the false often misleading media that do not reflect truthfully on the BlackBerry brand.

This time around they are taking a jab back at Good Technology, who have for years now, in one form or another, marketing a migration from BlackBerry and offering direct incentive programs to do so.

BlackBerry said the following in the Inside BlackBerry blog:

Flashy brochures, data-packed whitepapers and expensive reports are all common tools used in marketing today. Some vendors don’t properly validate their marketing claims nor include context in these types of materials. Customers need all the facts and skewing materials makes them feel duped not educated.

For example, take today’s #BBFactCheck on this Good Technology “whitepaper,” in which they compare themselves to a 2010-era BlackBerry. Four years passed is an eternity in technology years. Needless to say, Good needs to make some…tweaks. Since we’re the subject of this material, we thought we could provide some useful feedback and show Good what they’re actually trying to compete against.

Now check out the corrected brochure:


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