Recently, we conducted two polls to aggregate what our readers were hoping for in the future.

We first asked whether they would like a new high-end all-touch or QWERTY device. Secondly, we polled our readers on what they hoped to see BlackBerry unveil at Mobile World Congress 2015.

The results were incredible. In the first poll, an astonishing amount (nearly 60%) said they hoped for a new high-end all-touch.

In the second poll, the all-touch option stuck within close proximity of a slider and tablet. Though, ultimately has remained in third position, but only by a handful of votes.

Many people often equate “BlackBerry fan” to “QWERTY lover” and indeed this is true to a degree. However, as our polls suggest, many BlackBerry fans are eagerly anticipating a high-end all-touch device.

Despite BlackBerry not having had any plan for a high-end all-touch in 2014, slate fans may soon rejoice.

Current users of the Z10, Z30, and Z3 will soon see two updated devices. BlackBerry intends to release the Rio as an updated Z3.

We have since learned that BlackBerry is in fact working on another all-touch device, which is expected to release later this year. Currently, it is expected to be a high-end all-touch, unlike the Rio.

Additionally, 2015 is rumored to be the year we will see BlackBerry adopt a 64-bit chip. Though, that plan was when Thorsten Heins was still in command. With the regime changes and Chen now at the helm of the company, it will be interesting to see if the 2015 timeline for a 64-bit BlackBerry is still in queue (if at all).

Nevertheless, keep it locked to N4BB… we have some very interesting information in the pipeline and stay tuned for upcoming coverage at the beginning of March for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain where BlackBerry is expected to unveil concept(s).