When someone says BlackBerry isn’t marketing the BlackBerry 10 smartphones, the company often times doesn’t understand such claims. To most people, when they say there’s little to no marketing, I think they’re thinking mainly TV spots.

Saturating TV with commercials can be quite expensive. Depending on commercial length and whether or not the TV spot airs during primetime, a consecutively rolling TV commercial may not be budget friendly.

Where else can BlackBerry take their marketing fight? Walmart. Strategically placed in between Samsung and Apple. Would-be customers can touch and use the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. Whereas, the Apple iPhones are behind enclosed glass.

It’s great to see BlackBerry positioning their products appropriately on retail floor space. My only critique would to have had the BlackBerry 10 square ‘billboard’ next to the devices be a monitor to showcase a demo video of BlackBerry 10’s unique UI and swipe gestures.

Having the live devices in plain view is great, but customers unbeknown to BlackBerry 10 won’t realize how to use the operating system’s unique nature that greatly separates it from the competition. Do you think BlackBerry is doing enough to market the BlackBerry 10 smartphones?