The launch of BlackBerry 10 is fast approaching. Shedding its pre-2012 image of a “strictly-business” company, RIM is working hard to reach out to its BlackBerry fans with many not-so-serious videos. In a humorous demonstration of the efficiency and flow of BlackBerry 10, Jeff over at RIM is put to the test by completing a series of tasks on a BlackBerry 10 smartphone. The tasks included checking when his next meeting is, who it is with, finding out how many twitter followers his kidnapper has, and to BBM him the information. Jeff has only 30 seconds…or else!

While the thrilling music and an intense hostage situation doesn’t really keep you on the edge of your seat, it does demonstrate the design of BlackBerry Flow as an intuitive way to get things done. The user interface focuses on what you can do next with the content or information on the screen, instead of just displaying it.

BlackBerry 10 focuses on how to complete daily tasks as efficiently as possible, even if you’re not kidnapped, strapped to a chair and forced to single handily check your next meeting.

Is Jeff able to complete the required tasks with only one-hand? Check out the video below to find out!

Source: Inside BlackBerry Blog