BlackBerry announced their Q3 FY2015 earnings report yesterday. After the earnings call, BlackBerry CEO John Chen met with Bloomberg to discuss the company’s future.

We know the BlackBerry “Rio” will be released next year. Revealed exclusively in our latest N4BB Live webcast, the Rio will be a mid-range device expected to release by February 2015.

BlackBerry has been tightlipped about the device. However, the Rio is not something to get too excited about. During the Bloomberg interview, Chen let some new info slip about a possible high-end device.

BlackBerry plans to release another new smartphone by June 2015. This particular device N4BB will informally dub the “BlackBerry Gladiator” as its primary focus is going to battle.

That battle is with users’ minds and convincing them they’ll no longer need two phones. Chen didn’t give any additional details about the device. Perhaps, it is the device with this unique convertible keyboard design, which is allegedly codenamed the BlackBerry “Visa” and “Victoria.”

2015 will certainly make for an interesting year in the BlackBerry turnaround story. Chen has stated the company will return to profitability by next year. In fact, Chen says the company’s odds of returning to black is now 99 percent certainty.

See Chen discuss all of this in the interview video here.

*UPDATE* – It was pointed out that Chen specifically says “software product.” We’ll get in touch with BlackBerry to see if we can get some clarification on the matter of whether it’s a physical device.

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Bloomberg TV, Thanks Anthony Roberts!