BlackBerry has come out publicly against Nokia’s latest claims that the Canadian phone manufacturer’s devices are “old and slow” in a blog post. This morning, BlackBerry’s official Twitter account linked to a post from which encourages consumers to “ditch that BlackBerry and switch to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.” I kid you not, but Nokia actually stated that they have “the best smartphone colors out there” as a reason to switch. Hilarious.

BlackBerry’s tweet then linked to an “expert’s opinion” pointing to the contrary of this “old and slow” claim. While I personally wouldn’t count BGR as experts, I’ll give BlackBerry the benefit of the doubt for not linking to our Z30 review instead.

Humorous little side note is also the comments that this post has received. At the time of writing this post, all comments are from people mocking the post for encouraging users to head to Windows Phone 8 and leave a better operating system behind.

If you want to add your own two cents, check out the post here.