Karta Mobile has announced the release of their BlackBerry “Get Things Done” (GTD) app Viira version 2.2. Viira lets you incorporate email, appointments, events and SMS messages as well as projects, contexts and delegation capabilities to help you get things done.

Key Viira capabilities introduced in version 2.2 include:

  • SMS Organization: Viira integrates direclty with the BlackBerry Inbox to let users organize their SMS messages, file them in Viira’s comprehensive GTD classification system and make sure important information send via SMS never ‘slips through the cracks’.
  • Address Book integration: Viira users can quickly pull the contact information of the sender of an SMS or email task (OS 5.0 or later).
  • Touchscreen Navigation: Viira’s enhanced UI offers the owners of a BlackBerry Torch or BlackBerry Storm to quickly navigate between their projects, contexts and day-specific commitments.
  • Enhanced UI: Viira 2.2 takes advantage of improvements of the graphical capabilities of recent BlackBerry devices and Operating Systems (OSes) to present a visually appealing and responsive user interface.
  • Fast Start-Up: Quick idea and task collection is a cornerstone of the principles of GTD. Viira 2.2 brings significant improvements to its start-up time to make all its capabilities available almost instantly after launch.

You can try out Viira for free for a 21-day period. For more information and to download visit www.kartamobile.com