Karta Mobile let us know they have updated their BlackBerry ‘Get Things Done’ app Viira to v3.1. The new version brings OS 7 support and a stylish and intuitive touch screen interface to owners of the new Bold 9900/9930 and Torch series devices, among many other personal organization enhancements.

Here is what’s new in Viira 3.1:

  • Touch Screen Interface. If you have a touch screen device like a BlackBerry Bold 9900, a BlackBerry Torch or BlackBerry Storm you will see a command panel with touchscreen buttons that contain the most frequently used actions in Viira. You can now create, edit, delete and mark tasks as completed with just a tap on the screen.
  • Quick Add: Add New Tasks Quickly. Perfect for the times where you have a number of new tasks or ideas to record, the quick add field enables you to enter them one after the other in quick succession. Just type in the tasks name and press ENTER, then repeat as needed!
  • Starred Projects and Contexts. Mark your important or frequently used project or contexts with a star. Starred projects and contexts always appear at the top of the list making it easier to navigate or select them.
  • Compact Mode. Fit more of your Viira data on your BlackBerry’s screen. Particularly useful for owners of touch screen models like the BlackBerry 9900 or the BlackBerry Torch series, turning on compact mode lets you see more of your tasks for any project, context or day. You can turn on Compact Mode by going to Settings->General Settings->Compact Mode.
Viira 3.1 is a free upgrade to all buyers of the full version. You can download it from the Viira download page or by pointing your BlackBerry to our mobile site kartamobile.com/bb.