Ever the champion of security, BlackBerry has taken things one step further by integrating BlackBerry Guardian into BlackBerry World and thereby assuring customers that the apps they are downloading are perfectly safe to have on their devices.

With BlackBerry Guardian, the smart phone company has added another level of security that will work at preventing apps in BlackBerry World that are fraudulent in nature.

You will know an app has passed the added security measures by the new two new logos the company has placed in an app’s description, which you can see above.

In order to provide a stringent level of protection for customers, BlackBerry’s multi-layered strategy focuses on innovative scanning techniques, internal analysis and working with industry-leading third-party anti-malware vendors. A critical part of this strategy is the BlackBerry Guardian program, which uses a combination of automated and manual analysis to comprehensively vet apps prior to them being available in our storefront. Apps are also routinely evaluated after submission into BlackBerry World to help ensure that customers remain protected from malware and privacy infringing issues. If we identify an app that doesn’t meet our security and privacy specifications, we investigate and take whatever action is needed to help protect BlackBerry customers. [Source]

Mobile security was in the headlines recently when several app developers were trying to cash in on the recent Flappy Bird drama by releasing apps that made attempts at stealing information from its users.  It’s comforting to know that BlackBerry is taking steps to insure that its users will be safer from the more nefarious applications and developers in the world.