Early Thursday morning BlackBerry took to their official blog to detail 12 consumers and their proclamations regarding the heavily debated BlackBerry Passport device. The 4.5″ 1,440 x 1,440 QWERTY phablet with an innovative touch sensitive keyboard.

What’s interesting about the collection of opinions is that BlackBerry is listening closely, on social media and tech sites gauging the good and the bad as they tailor the ramp up and launch of this year’s flagship.

The post hypes the Passport device for, “compelling productivity features and thoughtful time-saving innovations.” Writer Matt Young even goes so far as to say consumers are “waking up” to smell the coffee.

While the device to a some may seem like a departure from devices users want, the unique form factor offers a lot of value. Business centric mobile elite will respect the heritage of productivity built into every corner of the handheld.

Interestingly, many of the comments BlackBerry collected for their posting discuss users frustrated or bored with competing platforms like iOS and Android. For all we know, the BlackBerry Passport may start a migration back to BlackBerry offering up what one may call, the best of both worlds.

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