Today, in the BlackBerry OS 10.3 SDK webinar, BlackBerry introduced some SDK updates for future high PPI devices.  In one of the slides, the new item sizes hinted towards higher resolutions with actual numbers for pixel sizes.  Using some basic extrapolation and running the numbers, the highest resolution supported will be 1080×1920.

From the image in the post, the item sizes increase from 250×168 to 375×252 in the example cookbook app that all BlackBerry developers will be familiar with.  Using the known resolution of the Z30 display (720×1280), we can also scale this in accordance to item size increases to obtain a resolution of 1080×1920.   This corresponds to a 150% increase in screen resolution over the Z30 assuming the aspect ratio does not change.

This is the 1080p resolution that was rumoured to come in future BlackBerry devices in the past.  This finding, however is a strong hint towards future BlackBerry devices with a 1080p displays since the support for this type of resolution is definitely coming.

Are you excited for the higher screen resolution in upcoming BlackBerry devices?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!