Kids love Christmas. And with all those presents, who can blame them?  If you’re a BlackBerry fan, user, abuser, then you’ll want to make sure you give your kids the best of what BlackBerry offers.  With the multitude of games available for BlackBerry, and the social features of the BlackBerry platform, getting your kid into BlackBerry has never been easier!


1.    The Sims 3 Supernatural for BlackBerry

The Sims is a classic simulator games where you can manage the lives of many “sims” who can interact together and with many things.  Electronic Arts has released the new “Sims 3 Supernatural” for BlackBerry smartphones which is a sure winner with older kids.  In this game, sims can become creatures such as werewolves, vampires and other creatures!

If your kid has a BlackBerry, you can buy the Sims 3 Supernatural for $3.99 in App World!


2.    BlackBerry Curve 9320
If you want to get your kid a BlackBerry, the Curve 9320 is the cheapest BlackBerry yet.  But don’t let that deter you.  Not only is it great for your wallet, its also one of the most social with a dedicated BBM button!  You’ll also be able to find it through many of the value carriers for extra sweet deals on a monthly plan.
Check it out at the official BlackBerry page here.


3.     Fruit Slash for BlackBerry 
It’s like fruit ninja, but its not! Fruit Slash for BlackBerry is exact what you think it is; a game where you slash fruit.  Not only will you notice the decibel level in the minivan fall drastically, they’ll be happy about it too!  With various modes, and increasing difficulty, it’s the type of game that can even satisfy kids of any age.
Check it out for BlackBerry app world here for only 1.99$ for the full version!


4.  Kids Coloring Book 2D
Have a PlayBook lying around?  It so, you’ve probably noticed quite a few children’s apps and games in BlackBerry App World.  For the younger ones, why not give them a coloring book app?  Unlike a physical coloring book, there’s no dealing with crayons or having to get a new one after its done.
Pick up kids coloring book here for $1.99 in BlackBerry App World.