Well well @KevCollazo has just sent in a very interest backdoor inside BlackBerry Bridge. A PlayBook paired up to a BB10 with the latest BlackBerry bridge actually launches a bridge “Messages” app which emulates BlackBerry Hub onto the landscape PlayBook OS much like the current Bridge BBM app.

Kev, and others will be able to access this nonfunctional backdoor and get a glimmer at what future Bridge functionality BlackBerry may be bringing to the PlayBook. All you have to do is hit the blue hyperlink of an email address from within BBM on the PlayBook.From the BBM Bridged app the Messages app will launch a shell which mirrors your BB10 Hub Accounts over to your PlayBook through the BT/Wifi Connection.

In its current state Kev tells me you can attach files from the PlayBook to send out across your accounts like FaceBook, Twitter, Emails, and BBM but the app does not have the connections necessary to actually send or populate any data, uploaded files wont attach but will be saved as a draft on the phone. The individual feeds as shown off in the featured video above do not pull in any data from the phone, which leads us to suspect this is still work an progress but likely to come with a future update of the Bridge application. And in that same vein, this feels almost antiquated in the breath of BB10s development I suspect in is no where near a primary focus for them. Instead I suspect that they are working on bringing this functionality to a lot of other devices besides the PlayBook.

I have speculated that the BB10 Browser and BB10 Keyboard would be a very valued small update for the PlayBook which would not require tons of resources to deploy. In doing this, and coupling a robust Bridge experience that extends our BlackBerry Hub to the PlayBook, it’s remarkable to see how dedicated BlackBerry remains to its legacy users. Hats off to the BlackBerry development teams! And thanks to Kev for sharing this with us here.

Post originally seen on BerryFlow