BlackBerry has seen two more departures from the company. Unlike BlackBerry’s US managing director, Richard Piasentin, both T.A. McCann and Marc Gingras left the company on their own accord.

According to the report by WSJ, “T.A. McCann, who headed all social networks at BlackBerry, left two weeks ago, according to a person familiar with the matter. Marc Gingras, who was tasked with retooling the calendar and contacts applications for BlackBerry 10, the phone maker’s new operating system, also left in recent weeks, according to these people.”

Gringas was apparently the “driving force” behind BlackBerry 10’s most notable feature: the Hub. BlackBerry tried to convince both men to stay with the company, but without satisfaction.

There are reports that the company may begin another round of layoffs. These are certainly interesting time for the embattled company, who might not be able to stand losing more talent.