CrackBerry got the hook up with two renderings of what is to be a watch for BlackBerry devices. The smartwatch, dubbed ‘InPulse’, is not made by RIM, but rather a third party. Some of the watches features are:

  • it has been designed specifically for use with BlackBerry Smartphones from the ground up – developed by a new BlackBerry-dedicated accessory company
  • it features an OLED screen that we hear is “big, bright and
    beautiful” and optimized for displaying text clearly, and thanks to
    OLED has solid battery life
  • it’s designed to show you notifications and previews of messages arriving on your BlackBerry
  • judging by the filename of the photos as they were sent in to us, we’re thinking it’s going to be branded the inPulse smartwatch 

It will be interesting to see real images of the watch. Can’t wait to get our hands on it!