BlackBerry Internet Service is the breathe and life of a BlackBerry device for consumers. As such, RIM constantly is working on improving it for the 53.09 Million email integrations globally and 33.4 Million total active subscribers, despite its archaic architecture. RIM looks to be pushing out BIS 4.1 along with the upcoming OS 7 devices. Back in March, we exclusively reported on RIM’s 2011 software roadmap, which included BIS 4.1 between July – September.

According to the slides, BIS 4.1 will be rolling out to Asia Pacific – September 10th, Europe – September 23rd, and North America – October 8th. BIS 4.1 feature enhancements include: improved email experience, inbox priming, account management updates (Security Wipe Email Control and SIM Swap Experience), QQ and email integration, carrier reporting, UI changes, and language support for Latvian and Lithuanian. Hit the break for a look at a more extended features overview from the BIS 4.1 slides.