If you followed yesterday’s Apple announcement, you probably saw the unveiling of arguably the Apple iPhone 5s’ biggest feature. New users of the 5s will be able to unlock their device by simply using their fingerprint.

What was and still remains the classic home button now doubles as a fingerprint scanner. Although, the device can still utilize a pass code instead.

Depending on how long you’ve been following BlackBerry, you may recall rumors that the company would be integrating a fingerprint scanner. BlackBerry even filed a patent way back in 2004 called “Apparatus and method of input and finger print recognition on a handheld electronic device” and was later granted the patent in 2009.

The patent reveals how fingerprint scanning could be accomplished through a touch pad. “Both [touch pads and finger print scanning] techniques are typically not provided simultaneously in handheld electronic devices. Although touch pads and finger print devices are common, touch pads may have very low resolution, and may use an interpretive algorithm to increase the apparent resolution, whereas finger print devices may have very high resolution. The limited surface area of a handheld electronic device may exclude the use of both touch pads and fingerprint devices simultaneously,” says the patent.


It’s certainly debatable if the fingerprint scanner will add a new layer of security to someones iPhone. Perhaps coupling the fingerprint scanner along with the use of a pass code may enhance one’s protection.

Nevertheless, would you like to see BlackBerry incorporate a ‘Touch ID’ type of technology for BlackBerry 10 devices, as they seemingly planned? BlackBerry at one point even had “fingerprint biometric data” APIs in the old JDE development. Perhaps now they could utilize a bottom bezel to read the users fingerprint.

Regardless of how gimmicky the feature might be, Apple will surely sell millions of the new iPhone 5s. Vote in the poll and let us know if you’d ever want a fingerprint scanner on your BlackBerry.

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