There’s been quite the circulation of BlackBerry doom and gloom articles, mainly from North American media. However, the company is not dead, and as such business must go on as usual.

It would be naive to think that BlackBerry has stopped with the Z30. Granted, no other devices have yet come to fruition. Although, we’ve heard from sources, that isn’t stopping BlackBerry from working on at least four more devices:

  • Cafe / Cappuccino
  • Windermere
  • Tigris
  • Ontario

Remember the original A-Series spec sheet to leak? An enhanced iteration of that device, sporting a Krait quad-core, is still in the works.

BlackBerry might be losing marketshare in North America. But, as we saw with the BlackBerry Z30 launch, much of Asia Pacific is still actively, happily using BlackBerry smartphones.

The company as we know it will continue to change and evolve, but BlackBerry is far from dead. Keep hope alive and stay tuned for more information on next-generation BlackBerry devices.