Ethical Consumer, a UK organisation “researching and recording the social and environmental records of companies” since 1989, is a leader in evaluating products for their impact on human rights, animal rights, the environment, and other factors that might fall under the heading “ethics”. Its latest report on smartphones isn’t very positive. They award points from a possible score of 20, which nobody has scored more than 10.5.

Research In Motion’s BlackBerry was atop of the list, with a score of 10 out of 20. Though when it came to waste management and the level of toxins in the production process, BlackBerry fell short of its rivals Apple, LG, Nokia, Toshiba, and Samsung. This was due to RIM never filing an environmental report. Therefore, Ethical Consumer gave the company a 0 in those areas.

Working for BlackBerry seems to be pretty good. RIM’s report is surprisingly free of negative human rights indicators: no riots, no illnesses, nothing. The worst things about RIM, according to Ethical Consumer, was its failure to file an environmental report and that it had a factory in a repressive regime: China. Check out the full report below:

via ReadWriteWeb