Previously, we reported on a finding that alleged BlackBerry 10 was harvesting email credentials for IMAP and POP accounts. The statement we received at the time of the article shed little light on the actual matter.

We’ve since received the following updated statement from BlackBerry:

“BlackBerry’s Discovery Service uses credentials provided by the user to communicate and connect with the mail server. This process is done to simplify the setup allowing BlackBerry to configure the various options for server names, ports, protocols and server options. The user credentials are only used during the setup of the account and BlackBerry does not store the usernames and passwords. This process is covered in the Terms and Conditions that the user accepts when they start using the device. Users can bypass the Discovery Service by using the Advanced Configuration option to manually enter all of the required server configuration information.”

Rest assured, if BlackBerry’s claims hold true, then your private data is not stored on their servers. The original report may have been overzealous in its findings that BlackBerry stores such data in light of the recent NSA surveillance revelations.