This one is definitely important for developers to make any use of the simulators we told you about just now. RIM has also released the BlackBerry Java SDK 7.1 in beta version, available for download for all you devs to start playing around and making cool new apps for OS 7.1. Here’s what’s new:

NFC Peer-to-Peer API, allowing applications to share files and other data through NFC technology initiated communication with Bluetooth® handover.
FM radio API, which is designed to give applications the ability to manipulate FM tuner settings on BlackBerry smartphones with supporting hardware.
Profiles API, which brings more Super App features to applications, allowing them to query current profile settings and adjust their own application behaviour accordingly; or, conversely, intelligently change the current profile to match the user’s current activities.

You can download the SDK from BlackBerry’s website, check out the post here for the simulators.

Download BlackBerry Java SDK 7.1 >>