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Latest version of the BlackBerry Keyboard app brings Chinese and other language support and faster language switching using new shortcut keys

The latest update of the BlackBerry Keyboard app for Priv has been released. Whether it’s the Marshmallow updates, discontinuation of the Classic, or the U.S. Senate shifting focus from BlackBerry; BlackBerry has been in the news a lot recently.


BlackBerry Beta Zone has been busy rolling out updates for Priv owners, and now we have a brand new version of the BlackBerry Keyboard app for the Android powered Priv.

We are talking about the virtual QWERTY keyboard, not the physical QWERTY that slides to open.

BlackBerry Keyboard App for the Priv

The new version of Blackberry Keyboard app comes with several changes, but the two biggest changes are:

• New language input support
• Faster language switching using new shortcuts

New Language Input Support

The keyboard app now offers support for two variations of the Chinese language: Pinyin and Cangjie.

This may not interest people who don’t use the Chinese language; but if you have to communicate with Chinese businesses, this could turn out to be a very important update.

Faster language switching

Another major highlight of the updated BlackBerry keyboard app is faster language switching using new shortcuts. This incorporates both the virtual and physical QWERTY keyboards.

To switch languages, all you need to do is:

  • Swipe on the virtual space key
  • Go to the physical keyboard and press Alt+Enter
  • Long press on the Space key to reveal the language picker

BlackBerry Beta Zone

While the new BlackBerry keyboard app update may sound exciting and fun, unfortunately it is only available for those who have signed up for the beta releases.

You will only find it through the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

If you have signed up for the beta releases of the BlackBerry keyboard app, you can go to the Beta Zone and install the updated app right now.

Others who haven’t signed up and haven’t been invited, have no option but to wait for the general release, when you will eventually find the new BlackBerry Keyboard app with all the new features in the Google Play Store.

While this update brings interesting new features, you might want to take a look at some of the reactions to this update on the CrackBerry website:

“I just switched back to my Z30! I hope that they could just get it like they have it on bb10! Where you just type and not worry about switching languages! And the word predictions could also get better bb10 has it on point.” ~ dave gomez


“Not sure why they haven’t done that, other keyboards allow you to enable multiple languages in that way. Just type and it suggests words of every enabled language, no switching.” ~ mrtouchedme

What do you have to say about the new Blackberry Keyboard App update for the Priv?