Some devices are begging to be launched. None perhaps more-so than than the longtime rumored BlackBerry Kopi. We originally saw the Kopi in a leaked photoset from BGR. Months later (and quite a few sightings since) we’re seeing the device once again, under the aim of a photo lens. This time the Kopi is being pictured in sleek HD shots aside its bigger brother the Q5, which was the first device to follow the Z10 and Q10 as they launched last year.

The Kopi is unimpressive, a simple amalgamation that looks a lot like the blended bits of the Z10 and Q5. Can I say this is a bad thing? Not necessarily. If we consider the entry level intended market for this device, it’s safe to assume some of the build bits would be cheapened and non-essentials removed. Lower camera, build quality and internals, all that entry level fun.

As you can see the Kopi isn’t a “bad” looking device, some may even prefer it to the look of the Q5, but it lacks the cohesiveness of a device like the Z3, or Q10. And looking like a jumbled mess of past BlackBerry devices isn’t good for any device’s image. Unless that blend brings something significant to the table.

I would still like to see the Kopi-in some form- it’s been rumored the Kopi was being passed to channel partners as a base prototype for a future, as of yet, unnamed entry level qwerty (a Foxconn Q3?). Putting that speculation aside it’s still great to see these devices; in a post leak era where Team BlackBerry gets no inside looks at what’s coming from BBRY ; ).