BlackBerry Launch Party Kicks Off Z10 Availability in the US

BlackBerry Launch Party Kicks Off Z10 Availability in the US

After almost two months after the official global launch of the BlackBerry Z10, the US will finally join other countries where the BlackBerry Z10 can actually be bought.  The first carriers to start selling the BlackBerry Z10 will be At&T and T-Mobile, followed by Verizon in about a week.  To kick off such an event, BlackBerry hosted quite a party.  This includes big names like Ludacris and Questlove performing for an audience that includes anyone from fans to carrier managers.

The party, in typical BlackBerry fashion, spared little expense as the company is pushing its new BlackBerry 10 platform as the future of the company efforts in mobile.  Check out the pictures below for a glimpse of the event.


IMG_00000173 IMG_00000186 IMG_00000182 IMG_00000171 IMG_00000246 IMG_00000222 IMG_00000204 IMG_00000200 IMG_00000198

Thanks to Thomas for the pictures!

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