A report from CBC has revealed that BlackBerry has laid off over a hundred employees from their Waterloo region today. The company has issued a statement regarding the layoffs, “BlackBerry is working hard to return to profitability and we continue to optimize our resources to meet our mandatory operational targets. As such, this week’s employee reductions impact BlackBerry’s U.S. and Canadian operations with approximately 120 employees in the Waterloo, Ont., area. These employees were part of BlackBerry’s product development and wireless technology team.”

According to BlackBerry, these layoffs were not unprecedented as they were part of a 40% workforce reduction that was announced in September of last year. This reduction period will end in May 2014.

BlackBerry’s latest round of cuts come a little less than two weeks before they announce their year-end and fourth quarter earnings for fiscal 2014 on March 28th, 2014.