Since the launch of BlackBerry 10, I have been adamant about the need for mid-range and even low-end devices.

I live in the USA, where there has been a mobile revolution with the rise of prepaid services. T-Mobile, Cricket, AT&T, Verizon, and even Sprint through Boost Mobile are now offering amazing wireless deals. The sad part is that BlackBerry has had no recent presence in this market.

People love the low, monthly bills and we have seen millions of customers switch to these type of low-cost services. This is where I absolutely hope the BlackBerry Rio (apparently now called the “Leap”) will come into play.

Before everyone gets upset about the BlackBerry Leap’s specs, remember there is a high-end all-touch device still coming, but we’ll share more on that in the near future.

BlackBerry should want to rethink the go-to-market branding. If the rumor holds substance, we’ll see this Z3 refresh called the BlackBerry Leap. For obvious reasons, since the device is only a mid-range device, calling it the “Leap” is a stretch.

Though, the most important part of the sequence is the price. The BlackBerry Leap can NOT be more than USD $199.99 OFF contract. Perhaps even less if you compare the cost of how much cheaper some Windows and Android devices are with similar or better specs.

When the Z3 first launched there was a bigger demand for it in corporate environments than BlackBerry expected. There’s certainly a growing demand from markets around the world that want a cheap all-touch device.

Despite being a mid-range device, the Leap shares the same internals as the Classic and Q10. Performance with BlackBerry 10 on the Leap shouldn’t be an issue. The BlackBerry Leap is said to have a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, a 720p IPS display, and similar form factor as the Z3.

If the price for the Leap is above USD $200 I believe it may likely face a very slow adoption rate despite it’s beautiful design.

I love the design, as you can tell from my experience in the BlackBerry Z3 review. I loved the Z3 so much it became my daily driver for a long time. An updated version of the Z3 as the Leap with a sub $199 price point and you can count me in!

Given the target audience for the BlackBerry Leap, do you think it will be an attractive buy? Would you get one? Sound off in the comments.