Being the golden standard in security has its perks. BlackBerry’s Managing Director in Australia and New Zealand, Matthew Ball, elaborated in an interview recently that BlackBerry, being a niche player, is moving from reliance on hardware and shifting toward MDM consultancy.

At this point the strategy is moving toward software and services where BlackBerry still has a solid grasp over the needs and requirements of strict regulated industries.

“We can say to clients ‘you guys choose your device, your operating system, and we’ll help with the management and the security of it’.”

This “service” is being included in the price of a BES rollout and allows a better, more long term relationship with these businesses. Adding in the tailored support of BlackBerry security experts allows the businesses a consultants look at what kind of setup will best fit their needs.

Smart move for BlackBerry indeed, leaning on their laurels as they push forward for dynamic-long term enterprise growth. This kind of initiative will greatly impress upon BlackBerry’s customers their longevity and flexibility to keep serving their needs better than anyone else.