Lately I have been hearing people complaining about BlackBerry Link not being able to connect to the Z10. One of our friends did a little research and sent us this work around. Please remember there are multiple issues and this might work for some and not for others. So scroll down and read Harold’s step by step.

So first you open the  device manager, as shown in the first pic.
With the device manager open, scroll down to network adapter section.
In my case there was an additional item “Blackberry #3” or something similar.  Doesn’t matter what the name was, the important part is it had an exclamation point on it because the driver wasn’t valid.  Look for any blackberry related driver with an exclamation through it.
The BlackBerry forums suggested rolling back the driver, but that wasn’t an available option for me, as it was grayed out.
I tried to “update driver” but it said the driver was the most current.
Finally I removed the driver.  I rebooted the computer, then opened up device manager.  It showed what you see now, with no issues.
I then connected my Z10 and it worked 🙂
There you have it. Please let us know if it works for you in the comments.
Thanks Harold