We’re seen the leaks for BlackBerry Link in the past, the replacement desktop software for BlackBerry devices.  We’ve now stumbled upon some more evidence that the new software will be launched with BlackBerry 10 come January 30th.

Plugging in the Dev Alpha device to a PC prompts you to download BlackBerry Link, in which the installation of appears to be blocked.   The wizard then installs the necessary drivers for the Dev Alpha to act as a USB drive.

The Dev Alpha, which has been recently updated to, now has built-in support for BlackBerry Link.  Upon connected it to the computer, it displays a prompt that indicates that it is trying to install BlackBerry Link.

Update: Image Included

BlackBerry Link seems to simply be a rebranding of BlackBerry Desktop Software, offering the same features such as: USB Device storage, backup and restoration, switch BlackBerry devices, and the syncing of media.

You can be sure to see BlackBerry Link become the new tool for connecting your desktop BlackBerry software.