In the beginning of this year, we speculated that BlackBerry would not introduce a high-end all-touch device. With the reveal of BlackBerry’s 2014 global roadmap, it confirmed our speculation.

The only high-end device to release in 2014 would be the now available touch-enabled QWERTY BlackBerry Passport. Customers looking for a high-end all-touch would have to wait patiently until 2015.

The Passport really is a fantastic device and smoothly blends features of the BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard with a new physical design. However, as soon as I received a Passport, I tweeted how it would be great to have an all-touch version.

Apparently, many others feel the same way. Thus, concept designer Dylan Habkirk has imagined what an all-touch Passport would be like in his newest creation. Check it out in the galley below and let us know in the comments if you’d want an all-touch Passport.