Since the failed Storm series in 2008, BlackBerry has lost vital marketshare within the United States. BlackBerry had struggled to maintain relevancy in a rapid changing mobile space. However, according to independent data from StatCounter, things could be changing for the better.

StatCounter is a site that tracks internet usage by mobile vendor, operating system, browser type and more. They then compile this data into a visually friendly chart.


StatCounter has worldwide data, but it can be parsed by area or by country and it can sometimes reveal interesting emerging trends. One of those trends appears to be the resurrection of BlackBerry within the United States.

According to StatCounter, BlackBerry’s share of internet mobile traffic has tripled in just 2 months and now stands at over 4%. BlackBerry has been relatively cryptic in its reveal of BlackBerry 10 sales. Perhaps, BlackBerry 10 isn’t doing so badly as many have perceived?

via Seeking Alpha