The Blackberry Master Control Program has been updated to beta 10. This program is great for those who’d like to do more with their BlackBerrys than what Desktop Manager offers. Here’s what has been changed/added:
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  • Change the whole appearance
  • The option “Save Modules allows you to create installation files ALX / JAD
  • The possibility of backup and restore programs, third producers
  • Wizard JAD / ALX with the possibility of a simple drag required to create modules
  • Context menu after clicking on the icon of accesibility
  • By default, instead of so far to the tray, the program hides the taskbar
  • The left navigation panel has fewer icons (he was repackaged)
  • Automatically checks the PIN after 3 seconds
  • Managing OS: Added option “Delete
    JVM (this option will cause the Application Loader will launch, which removes the JVM on the device)
  • Managing OS: Added option “Full Wipe” (choosing this option will
    wczyszczenie devices, resulting in the removal of all existing ITPolicy)
  • Interface: Load / Erase / Save Modules, which previously belonged to the menu item “Java Loader are now in the main menu
  • Java Loader 5.0.0 Beta 4 Engine upgraded to the Java Loader 5.0.0 Beta 4

Want to get it? Click here.