Long before BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 went official, users began reporting a strange anomaly with their Passport devices.

In some early leaked OS 10.3.1 builds, a strange bug plagued BlackBerry Passport devices, which would make the screen flicker for no apparent reason.

Sadly, the bug was still present even in the officially released version of OS 10.3.1. This has meant even more users who own a BlackBerry Passport are now experiencing the bug.

BlackBerry’s Michael Clewley has taken to Twitter the last couple of days to help users with the issue. Clewley says they may have a fix for the issue.

Though, an ETA for the hopeful bug fix has not been officially announced. However, Clewley offered a slight workaround, which may reduce the screen flickering.

Have you been a victim of the Passport screen flicker bug with OS 10.3.1? Let us know in the comments. If you’re a resident in the kitchener, Waterloo or Ottawa area Clewley urges you to contact him, @MichaelClewley.