The new BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 will be releasing today at 12 noon EST. The new media sync should be easier to use. Here are the new features:

PC to BlackBerry sync:

  • 2 way synchronization, Add folders for syncing with option to optimize pictures for device
  • Smart memory management: optimizes photo size, allowing for storage of more pictures on device

BlackBerry to PC Import:

  • Media Sync alerts users when new pictures are available to
    import when device is connected to PC (via pop-up on the pictures tab)

Highlights of Music sync with BlackBerry Media Sync:

  • Sync Options include specific playlists or random music
  • iTunes® & Windows Media Player® compatible
  • Supports all media capable BlackBerry smartphones

Once 12 Noon EST hits, go ahead and download here. Let us know what you think!