A new version of BlackBerry Messenger 6.1 has released in BlackBerry Beta Zone. The update bringing BBM to v6.1.0.37 is a relatively small update.  The new features and enhancements for BBM include the following items:

  • More emoticons – With approximately a dozen new emoticons, you can easily show how you’re feeling or what you’re doing.
  • Longer status messages – The character limit for status messages has been increased. You can now share up to 160 characters.
  • Chat bubble colors – You can now specify a chat bubble color for contacts instead of using the default color for individual chats, multiperson chats, and BBM Group chats. You can return to the default color at any time.
  • Animated display pictures – You can now set animated .gif files as display pictures in BBM, and view other people’s animated display pictures. Note: The picture needs to be square (the height and width, in pixels, are the same).
  • Display picture integration – You can quickly set a picture on your smartphone as your BBM display picture by selecting the Set As BBM Display Picture option from the menu.
You can download BBM from BlackBerry Beta Zone here.