In case you didn’t know, BBM is an official word in the Collins English Dictionary. It not only serves as an abbreviation, but also as a noun and a verb. I’m sure you all know them, but these are the official definitions:


Abbreviation for

1. BlackBerry Messenger: an instant messaging application for BlackBerry devices


2. a message sent or received using BlackBerry Messenger


3. to send a message using BlackBerry Messenger

One year ago today, the authoritative Collins English Dictionary added BBM to its comprehensive collection of up-to-date English words, reflecting the global popularity of the iconic instant messaging service that epitomizes secure real-time mobile communication. BBM has been part of BlackBerry’s success, and will soon show all the world why that is when the Android and iPhone versions are released.

BBM will be made available for free for Android and iPhone devices very soon. To get notified when BBM for Android and iOS is released, register at