RIM has released Mobile Conferencing 3.0 in Beta Zone, available for users in North America and the UK. BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing automatically finds conference call numbers and codes in your calendar appointments and turns them into a simple “Join Now” button.  When you set up meetings, it lets you add your conference call information to your calendar invitation with one easy click. BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing understands how to find conference call numbers and codes from many leading audio conference systems, including Intercall, AT&T, Verizon, Premier, BT Conferencing, Cisco Meeting Place, WebEx (voice only) and Microsoft LiveMeeting (voice only).

New Features in 3.0:

Conference Call Recognition in the UK
BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing automatically finds conference information for moderators and participants in the UK. When the meeting contains many conference phone numbers because attendees in are different countries, an appropriate number is chosen for your location.

App Icon
After downloading the app, there’s an icon on the home screen to let you view video demos of key features, share the app with friends, or provide feedback to RIM (please continue to use the discussion boards/feedback forms to submit feedback during the beta).

Important Note: the current video is temporary – this will be updated in a later bundle, along with UI changes.

Other Key Features:

  • Join Now button
  • One click reconnect
  • Email to meeting conversion
  • Conference profiles
  • Conference call ID

You can join the Mobile Conferencing 3.0 beta here.