*UPDATE* This device is no longer under the codename ‘Mr. T’. It is now called ‘Talladega’.

According to the new Blackberry ninja, Salomondrin, the rumored Blackberry with a touchscreen and slide-out full QWERTY keyboard
has been codenamed: Mr. T. RIM is said to be working on this prototype,
who will mimic the size of the Blackberry Storm. It was also said that
and SEND/CANCEL buttons are on the screen, similar to the Storm 2’s
design. The slide-out keyboard is going to come out from the bottom of
the screen, much like the upcoming LG GW520.
What is to happen to the Blackberry Blackhawk we’ve  heard so much and
so little about? Could the Mr. T be the Storm 3? Time will tell. 

Note: the image above is a rendition of what it could look like.

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