Paying early homage to my new initiative BBi, I’ve collaborated with design guru @Pootermobile for a concept rendering. Call it separation anxiety, or waning nostalgia but there was a lot of value in the legacy BIS system not only from a service revenue perspective but from a security one as well.

While no system is beyond reproach, this MySpot concept personifies BlackBerry as more than a hardware maker, or a software company. It portrays them as BlackBerry, the secure internet provider. Compressed, and secure.


While carriers in their data sucking love affair would never allow a device like this to exist in the market-let’s not ignore the assets at hand. BIS is readily in use by 10s of millions of legacy BlackBerry devices. Though not supported on LTE or BB10 devices by using the BIS to populate a private access point, BlackBerry can secure our online transactions and preserve our digital identities across our WiFi enabled devices. A new age BlackBerry Connect.

Better and more mobile data connections through use of Paratek antenna technology and aimed at emerging 3G/HSPA+ markets like the East Asia and Latin America. Sporting a 5000 mah battery, AGPS/NFC, connectivity in 200 countries and its support of up to 8 devices this little box packs a bunch of value.

You can checkout the full showcase for the BlackBerry MySpot Concept here.