In a recent study by Forrester Research Inc., BlackBerry was named a leader in Enterprise Mobile Management, beating out 14 of its major competitors in several areas pertaining to EMM.

BlackBerry came out on top in Strategy and Global Presence, while at the same time tying for first in Market Presence, which considers revenue, install base, and partners. Of the 27 different criteria researched and measured by Forrester, BlackBerry earned the highest numbers in 12 of them.

The research company went on to commend BlackBerry for never faltering in reinforcing its strengths in the areas it has always excelled in, and states that this resolve has contributed to their outstanding performance in this study.

Forrester believes there were many factors that contributed to BlackBerry performing so well in their study, including the following decisions.

  • The acquistion of Movitru, which will eventually allow multiple phone numbers to be attached to one SIM card
  • The launch of eBBM, which raised the already impressive level of secure communications to new heights
  • The establishment of BlackBerry Technology Solutions, which will handle all the companies intellectual properties, revenue streams, Internet of Things application, and various other aspects of the company.

For more information on the study and its results, check the source link below.