Earlier today we let you guys know about BlackBerry investing in NantHealth. Now we’ve heard from The Globe and Mail that the two are reportedly working together to create a smartphone that will cater to professionals in the healthcare industry.

The new device will supposedly be released either at the end of 2014 or early 2015, and will specialize in viewing 3D images and CT scans. On top of that, it will still have all the normal functions of a typical smartphone, such as playing different forms of media and games, as well as downloading consumer applications.

We reached out to BlackBerry for confirmation on this story and they had the following comment:

“This investment and planned collaboration aligns with the reliability, security, and versatility of BlackBerry’s end-to-end solutions – from the embedded QNX operating system powering complex medical devices to secure cloud-based networks to instantaneous information sharing over BBM Protected and will include a device as well.”

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