We all remember what happened this year before the Super Bowl right? BlackBerry announced that they would have their first commercial air on a night that is known for amazing commercials. There were a few days of speculation and excitement among the BlackBerry community as we anticipated the unveiling of the commercial. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl (duh) so I didn’t see it when it aired, but I caught it on YouTube later that night. I remember my reaction. “Oh. That’s interesting.”

BlackBerry needs better commercials. I thought that in January but didn’t really give it too much thought because I was still happy that there was actually a BlackBerry commercial during the Super Bowl. After some time passed, I actually paid attention to what the commercial was and realized that it was less than what it could have been.

Showing a commercial to the world about your new product and having that commercial be a clever gimmick about what the phone¬†can’t do may seem like a good idea, but it’s not.

But I digress. This point has been hashed out and rehashed on the Internet before. The meat of what I’m saying is in Sprint’s new commercial for the BlackBerry Q10, their first BlackBerry 10 device.


If we’re honest with ourselves, it’s not the best commercial. I had to start it over a couple times because I realized I wasn’t listening to what the announcer was saying. My mind was focused on the horrible music they chose to put in there. Then I noticed that I was looking at screen shots of BlackBerry 10 in action. When I paid attention, I saw that there was a large emphasis on BlackBerry Balance. Don’t get me wrong, Balance is a great feature, but it’s not great enough to get the phones sold.

You know what was a great commercial? The one that had the BBM Video conversation between the lady and her boss. Why was it good? It showed one of the best features of BlackBerry 10 in a real life situation. It had some humor to it. It had two beautiful brunette women.

If BlackBerry got a little more creative and had a line up of commercials that showed real life application of different BB10 features, that would get the phone moving. Focus on the consumer side just a little bit please. Yes, I know they love their enterprise crowd, but we have all known and been saying for years that they need to reach out to the regular consumers, even if it’s just a little bit.

What are your thoughts on the catalog of BlackBerry 10 commercials? Drop me a comment below and let me know!