It has been long rumored that companies like HTC, Samsung, Lenovo and others have attempted to purchase BlackBerry. A recent ominous rumor that BlackBerry and Lenovo were in talks saw the company’s stock shoot up to a new high since June 2014.

In fact, there might have been some credence to the rumor. Although, it was more directed towards getting BlackBerry’s foot in the door to Chinese customers. BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, has since publicly denied the company has any current offers on the table.

Even if companies like Lenovo or Xiaomi were interested in a takeover, the deal would likely get halted. “We probably are unable to do that,” Chen said in an interview on Bloomberg TV’s Studio 1.0, when asked if he would sell BlackBerry to a Chinese company. “One of our biggest install bases is government in the so-called Five Eyes countries where governments share intelligence. I think there will be a lot of regulatory issues and concerns.”

The Five Eyes program was revealed to the world through a series of leaks by former NSA and CIA surveillance analyst, Edward Snowden. The Five Eyes is an intelligence cooperation agreement between the U.S., Canada, the U.K., New Zealand and Australia.

Chen meeting with the heads of Lenovo and Xiaomi seem to be harmless business negotiations, which perhaps might garner such a relationship like Samsung. “Talk is not an offer,” Chen said. “I would prefer to build a lot of value before I even contemplate” selling.