If you’ve managed to get your hands on one of the newer BlackBerry smartphones, chances are, you’re ready to grab a few accessories for it. Luckily BlackBerry has started a new bundle sale in North America.

There are three different bundles: Efficiency, Power, and Bundle. You can check out the details on them below.


The Efficiency Bundle
These accessories will help you get up and running on your BlackBerry device. Consider it a starter pack of sorts. It includes the device itself, a case, screen protector, and sync pod. You can choose either the Passport, Classic, or Leap bundle.

The Power Bundle
Maybe you’re a little bit more of a power user on your BlackBerry. This bundle includes the device of your choice, a sync pod, and a charging pack to make sure you’ll always have that extra boost when you need it. (Although with a BlackBerry, that’s not very often.) Here are the links for a Passport, Classic, or Leap.

The Travel Bundle
If you’re the type of person who spends a lot of time travelling to different areas, the Travel Bundle is what you’ll want. It comes with the device, two different cases, and multiple chargers for different regions around the world. Here’s where you can purchase the bundle for the Passport, Classic, and Leap.

Check the source link below for more information on the newest Bundles from BlackBerry.