You may recall there is rumored to be a BlackBerry O-series dubbed the ‘Ontario’. Whether or not this device has been canceled is up for debate. Though, if the BlackBerry Ontario should ever see the light of day, we know it will sport the 2.15GHz quad-core Snapdragon MSM8974 with OS 10.3 and 2GB RAM.

A concept artist has crafted together what the BlackBerry Ontario may look like. The concept looks to show the device as having capacitive keys and TrackPad that change. You can see the digital TrackPad shows it’s outline when the device is unlocked and running. Whereas, when the device is at the lockscreen, the TrackPad only shows the BlackBerry icon.

It’s certainly a sleek looking concept. The sharp corners at the top meeting with curve corners at the bottom does look quite nice. Would you ever consider rocking an all-touch BlackBerry device that looks like this?