We’ve been hearing a lot of chatter from our sources regarding what is being called the BlackBerry Onyx Delta. While it is unusual for RIM to re-use a codename from a previous device, it kind of makes sense to us why they might in this case. When the 9700a was first outed through a UAProf document, many people were led to believe this was the rumored Slider, which we now know is the 9800. However, we’ve learned that the 9700a may be a completely different device.

We’re told that the 9700a is going to be a refreshed Bold 9700 with upgraded hardware and features. The 9700a will supposedly sport:

  • 5MP camera
  • 512 MB RAM 
  • BlackBerry OS 6.0
  • New webkit browser
You’re probably as confused as we are for the reasoning behind refreshing the Bold 9700. However, we think it may be likely to match the recently released CDMA Verizon/Sprint Bold 9650, which has 512MB RAM. RIM is also starting to move their devices into the 5MP camera direction, as we see with the Bold Slider 9800 and the Clamshell 9670. We’re not sure why the Bold 9650 didn’t include a 5MP camera, but we’re certain the 9700a is to be a network neutrality device, specifically bound for AT&T like the original 9700.

Much is still unknown on the Onyx Delta, and while things point to it being the 9700a, we still can’t be sure until we receive more information. We are certain, however, that the Onyx Delta is something of importance and secrecy to RIM and should it be a refreshed Bold 9700 we’re told we should see it released in a couple of months. 

If the Onyx Delta is going to be a refreshed Bold 9700, would you upgrade?