The BlackBerry Classic will be making its debut in December of this year, and BlackBerry wants you to be up to date with all the latest information surrounding this great device. In open letter on the Inside BlackBerry Blog, CEO John Chen emphasized what BlackBerry’s goal is with the Classic: appealing to those that loved their BBOS devices and were productive with them. These users were probably disappointed with the Q10’s lack of tool belt, so BlackBerry has paid attention and will now cater to them specifically.

“There’s also something to be said for the classic adage, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” mentions Chen. This is specially true when you consider how many hardcore users still cling on to their Bold 9900s. Even Kim Kardashian owns a few. The Classic is a perfect example of BlackBerry improving on something they already know has had success; not changing it.

“The things you remember about BlackBerry that made you better are better than ever with BlackBerry Classic. BlackBerry Classic is for you, as is everything we do every day.”

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